Study Medicine In Georgia

It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.
Georgia offers many opportunities for travel, leisure, and exposure to local and European culture. Georgia is a multicultural nation and one gets the chance to explore different traditions and cuisines.


Georgia is very safe for visitors and residents. Crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe. It is very safe to walk outside even at midnight as policemen are responsible for every person’s safety. Being miles away from home will be less of a worry in Georgia.


Here, the transportation system is likewise very advanced. There are many different kinds of vehicles that you will witness, such as taxis, subway (metro), buses, and minibuses. All public transportation, with the exception of taxis, costs 50 Tetri and travels across the entire city. Every student of Georgian Universities is given a unique student card that entitles them to a 50% discount on public transportation.


Georgia's MBBS program offers top-notch education, a top-notch research infrastructure, and an economical yet thorough education. When considering moving to Europe for your MBBS, Georgia can be your first choice. Basic eligibility required to apply for MBBS program is:
50% Marks in PCB, NEET required only if the student wishes to join professionally in India.
After filling out the admission form and completing the documentation requirements, you will receive an invitation letter by the university after it gets a ministry order. Before that, the ministry issues an accreditation letter to the student after 30 days.


☛ Candidates must turn in their grade reports from the 10th and 12th grades

☛ For the candidates to be granted MBBS seats in Georgia, their student visas must be current.

☛ Medical records are also necessary to prove your fitness.

☛ Travel insurance is necessary for the students.

☛ Additionally, the candidates must provide a birth certificate as confirmation of age.

☛ Along with a copy of your passport, you must provide two passport-size photos.

☛ To prove their financial stability, the students must send a copy of their bank statement.

☛ The submittal also needs a letter of authorization.

☛ Scorecard and NEET Certificate are necessary.

☛ An invitation letter from the relevant university must be presented by the pupils.


  • European University, Tbilisi
  • Ilia State Medical University , Tbilisi
  • Alte medical University
  • GeoMedi Medical University
  • Batumi Shota


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