When studying MBBS abroad, one of the key phases is choosing the right country and more importantly, the right medical university.

There are countless alternatives you will find on Google. The students may find different requirements listed under the title of top medical universities in the nation they chose for their MBBS study abroad programme. Due to the abundance of possibilities, students get even more perplexed. All of this leads to the crucial query of how to pick your university for your international medical studies.

Here are some tips that students should consider while picking the finest university for their MBBS study abroad programme and reach their long-term objective of becoming a doctor.

1. The total cost and budget

The first consideration when choosing a university to study MBBS at while abroad is affordability, or more specifically, the cost of studying MBBS abroad. Countries that provide MBBS abroad, like Russia, are typically regarded as some of the top locations for MBBS overseas. All Indian students who attend medical universities in Russia often receive an affordable, high-quality MBBS education.

Make sure you are examining attentively and generating a list of those medical colleges that are within your budget whenever you evaluate the overall costs of a medical university offering an MBBS overseas. Do not forget to include payments for the mess and hostel services provided by the foreign medical school with the MBBS expenses.

Numerous medical schools abroad offer MBBS programmes with tuition costs that also cover food and housing as low as 4–5 lakhs yearly. While some medical schools in the same nation will charge you roughly $30 to $35 lakhs to pursue MBBS abroad. The medical school you choose will entirely depend on your finances.

2. Choose your place wisely

Similar to India, several countries have both isolated regions and extremely developed, affluent sections. The same country may have some geographical features, such as mountains, oceans, desolate islands, etc., just as every other country has certain regions that may be exceptionally hot or cold, some very safe, and others not so much. Therefore, it is generally advised for students who choose to study for their MBBS overseas to be fully acquainted with the neighbouring geography and weather of the medical university they are choosing to study for their MBBS abroad.

3. Comfort and Services Offered to all International Students

In addition to having Indian mess facilities and equipped dorms, a medical university that offers MBBS overseas may also have other benefits that make it easier for registered international students to adapt to their new environment without feeling homesick. The Indian students also get a chance to showcase their skills and talents on the stage while being a part of various clubs and extra co-curricular activities. These extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are extremely essential for the holistic learning approach that makes the overall learning more enjoyable as well as holistic in every regard.

4. Hospital Tie up for Clinical Rotations

As doctor is a profession where hands on practice, practical and clinical rotations matters a lot. While university will have good hospital tie ups then only they will be able to provide good practical knowledge. So good hospital tie ups for clinical rotations should be a factor to look for while selecting the university for MBBS Abroad.


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